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A List of the Top Child Friendly Cafes in Taupo

Updated: Jan 1

Imagine the scene. You finally get to sit down, you have a hot barista made coffee before you, delicious lemon slice begging you to eat it.

However, your darling cherub is wriggling about in your arms, the floor of the cafe is definetely for feet only and there isn’t a toy in sight. Disapproving eyes glancing your way.

Bye bye coffee... bye bye lemon slice. If you can manage it with wriggly toddler and bags in tow, you can just about catch the barista’s eye and ask for yours to be put into a takeaway container please...

Well, allow me to save you from such a dissapointing fate. Taupō is a fabulously child friendly, family friendly place.

We have plenty of coffee shops and cafes here with spaces for children to play, even if it is just long enough for you to savour being looked after by our hardworking barista’s coffee making skills.

Here is a starting point for you so that you know what to expect and you can enjoy the sound of giggling children rather than groaning grownups.

The Best Family friendly coffee shops and cafes in Taupo as voted by my children.

Spoon and Paddle (currently closed but keeping here as we wait patiently for it to reopen)

You will find an outdoor play area here and outdoor seating surrounded by a white picket fence. The playground is great for younger children, a slide, swings and little Juliet balcony. I really really love their curry fries.

For directions click here

Kefi at the Hub

Or as my children call it, the helicopter cafe. Kefi at the Hub has a large helicopter which is permanently situated beside the cafe. Children can access the helicopter safely as it is fenced and play about inside. I was brave and tried something new, their Poutine and Oh My... it was delicious. My mouth waters every time I think about the glorious gravy, sliced chips, melt in your mouth lamb...

For directions click here


Kefi have a small area fenced in the corner of their cafe with plenty of toys for children to play with. It is a good space for little children to crawl about in and parents don’t need to worry about them getting onto the cafe floor. For older young children they can choose some toys and bring them to play at the table. If you love your keto food then you will find plenty to choose from here.

For directions click here

The Storehouse

There is a dedicated space for indoor playing at The Storehouse. The area has been styled beautifully and children can play inside it. Please don’t leave Taupō without having tasted the Fried Chicken waffles with melted herb butter and sweet yet spicy sauce sitting on a scrumptious waffle. Another brave new dish for me and I want the whole world to have the opportunity to savour this rediculous deliciousness.

For directions click here

Wairakei Thermal Valley Cafe

There is a fun outdoor area at the Wairakei Thermal Walk Cafe. Old school go karts for the children to drag up the small hill and race their way down. Outdoor playhouse and swing and large area to explore. Plenty of peacocks and all manner of different types of chickens and friendly animals wandering about. Good quality toys for young children inside the cafe including an indoor swing for the very littlies. We alway stop for a coffee and fluffies for the kids. I have seen plenty of customers over the years enjoying the Devonshire high tea here. The scones will melt in your mouth eaten with jam and cream... as they should be.

For directions click here

The Fine Fettle

A fenced off area in the corner of the cafe for children to play in whilst you relax and enjoy your coffee. A fine place to share a salty bowl of hot chips. My kids favourite food.

For directions click here

Cafe L'arte

An outdoor playhouse that has been painted for children to play at Sweetshops. A large green ampitheatre space for children to run around in. This is an art cafe which has a number of art sculptures and art gallery also. Lot’s of tasty slices to be found here and quite nice coffee.

For directions click here

Mc Cafe

A large airplane is permanently situated next to the Taupō McDonalds. You can climb up the steep stairs and dine inside the airplane. You will be able to see the inner workings of the cockpit and the history of the airplane whilst dining. There is also an outdoor McDonalds playground at the foot of the stairs, partially covered. My absolute favourite treat here are Hot chocolate muffins with soft serve icecream. It may take a bit of juggling to time the orders right but it will be worth it.. believe me.

For directions click here

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