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Family Friendly activities Taupō, New Zealand

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Having lived in Taupō, New Zealand for 11 years with our three children, we know first hand the abundance of fun, family friendly activities available.

We are pretty passionate about having our kids in spaces that genuinely enjoy the company of children. For example, Dave from the Huka Falls River Cruise inviting my daughters up to have a turn driving the boat. Performers from the Chris Jolly encouraging my daughters to take part in learning their Māori games. Most parents will agree, it's pretty uncomfortable being in a space where kids are barely tolerated. That is why we share genuinely family friendly experiences.

Our lived experience in Taupō inspires us to share our fab experiences of family activities so that everyone can enjoy an incredible Taupō holiday.

We will share videos of real families enjoying various Taupō activities so that you can see for yourself what will best suit you and your family during your time here. Taupō is an absolute paradise and we are excited to share it with you. Our goal is that you have the best experience possible whilst in Taupō.

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