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The Best Things To Do In Taupo for ALL types of Weather

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Saoirse is 9 and wanted to let our guests and visitors to Lake Taupō know about some of the activities she enjoys whatever the weather is during your family holiday in Taupo. Read on for a real insight into how to live your best life whilst on holiday in Lake Taupō.

Hi, I'm Saoirse and this is what I think would be the best things to do in Taupo!

Rainy day

Hmm, lets see…. Oh, I know! I would love to cuddle up comfortably on the sofa and read a book or watch something on the computer, or sleep in until I want to get up. Or then again, If it ever stops raining I might go and jump in puddles in the garden because I have new gumboots which need puddles to splash into!!;) Yes, that is my best rainy day ever!

Sunny but cloudy

Oh this one sounds fun! I think it would be…. Oh yes, definitely! I would love to go to the library and find some books to read, and then go to the pirate playground because I reckon that that is the best playground ever!! Now THAT's what I would love to do on a sunny but cloudy day!

Sunny and not a cloud in the sky

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I would obviously go on the parasail!! I love going on the parasail because it is quite fun and relaxing and you can't hear ANYTHING that is happening down below. Or, if it is ski season then I would love to go up Mt Ruapahu to go whizzing down the mountain on my skis (because I love skiing:) Well, who says that there has to be just one sunny and not a cloud in the sky day?

Stormy day

Hmm, hard. Actually no, easy. I would like to watch the storm, while at the AC Baths swimming pool (which has warm water) and maybe even go on the hydro slides =)

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