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The Most Elite Hot Chocolates In Taupo Town

Hi My name is Saoirse and I am 9 years old. I am researching the yummiest hot chocolates in Taupō so that you know exactly where to go when you are on holiday here. I'm researching the coolest, most elite, the cream of the crop, delicious hot chocolates so that you can feast on the glory of Lake Taupō's most spectacular hot chocolates.

So, the best hot chocolates? EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY

I will choose three venues which I think have super cool hot chocolates in Taupō. Keep reading to find out what questions I asked at each venue and what my verdict was on each hot chocolate so that you know exactly what to expect when you visit. These 3 Hot Chocolates are my absolute 3 best hot chocolates in the whole of Lake Taupō.

The Vine Eatery & Bar

I felt that The Vine was very relaxing, and there were wine glasses everywhere! On the tables, behind the counter, even on the lights! I like places where the seats are; they are all in little nooks and crannies! Whilst guzzling up this delicious hot chocolate I felt happy, all though, it is my second hot chocolate!!

Saoirse - What ingredients do you use?

Micheal -

For our hot chocolates we use Cadbury hot chocolate powder and high quality dark chocolate for the ganache.

Saoirse - How do you make your hot chocolates?

Micheal -

- get the plate ready

- put some chocolate in the cup,

- put some creamy chocolate in there and mix it around.

- Then put more milk in the cup and

- put the ganache in a little glass

- and put a pink and white marshmallow on the plate.

To watch Micheal do a 'How To' video click here.

DiXie Browns

It is very comfortable at Dixie Browns and there is some pretty art on the walls. The hot chocolate is luxurious, and the home-made marshmallows are like fluffy pillows (but don't taste like that!). I felt happy, fabtastic👍when I was indulging this hot chocolate.

Saoirse - What ingredients do you use in your hot chocolates?

Nicole - We use very expensive top quality chocolate and very yummy home made marshmallows.

Saoirse - How do you make your hot chocolates?

Nicole -

  • High quality chocolate is melted down and tempered into moulds with a wooden spoon in the chocolate to create a chocolate thingymajigee that will go in the hot milk

  • We then put the hot chocolate spoon into hot milk and the customers melt the chocolate and mix it around

  • The home made marshmallows are delish

Click here to see a video of how the hot chocolates are made at Dixie Browns.


I like sitting next to the fire and looking out at Lake Taupō through the big windows.

The hot chocolate is Yummy, I absolutely love it. I love the oreos and chocolate wafer straw. It is chocolatey but it's not too much.

Saoirse - What ingredients do you use in your hot chocolates?

Harman - We use

  • Oreos

  • Oreo crumb

  • Chocolate wafer straw

  • Chocolate sauce

  • Milk

  • Chocolate powder

  • Whipped cream

Saoirse - How do you make the hot chocolate?

Watch the video to see how Harman made my hot chocolate.

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