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Top Three Taupō Fun Activities

Updated: Jan 17

I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that there are way more than just three fun activities in Taupō but I'm terrible at editing so whittling the list down to three is an excellent challenge for me. It has the added benefit of cutting out the crap for you too. These activities are exactly how I like to spend my time in Taupō so are all from personal experience.

  1. The Taupō Lake Front beach

  2. Shopping in Taupō Towncentre

  3. Cycling along the Lakes edge


1. It's Summer time, the sun is splitting the rocks as my father would say, What to do?. The number one best, easiest and most fun thing to do in Taupō is to bring yourself straight down to the Taupō lakefront. Hop in your car, bicycle, Beam electric scooter or use the waewae express and park yourself in between the icecream/hotdog cart and the coffee cart. Sit under a shady tree and spend the day by the water pinching yourself as you gaze at the view of Ruapehu with its snowcapped tihi and Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

During the height of the sunny season this area could be mistaken for the Costa del Sol! Little kids spend the day making sandcastles and splashing in the water. Minimal parenting required aside from sunscreen, water safety and snacks. Big kids can hire out paddle boards, kayaks and even have a go on the new banana boats all from this same spot. Hungry? Have a hotdog and icecream from the food cart. Thirsty? Have a decent coffee from the coffee cart. For me, this is the ultimate way to enjoy a day in Taupō during the heat of the Summer. I love, love, love this place.


2. Shopping. I'm sorry but it has to be said. Shopping in Taupō is like, being in a shopping mall but just way, way nicer. Everything you need in one place but in a beautiful, open air environment. And clean, even the footpaths are regularly cleaned down everyday. I love the fact that I can park directly in front of the shop I want to go into. The towncentre has been designed in such a way that I can easily walk around each of the streets popping into all the shops. Covered area's for the rain or for shade, beautifully landscaped streets, coffee shops and restaurants aplenty. Even the Big Red Shed (The Warehouse) and other national chain shops are by the towncentre. It is usually when I visit the big Smoke that I am reminded how convenient everything is here in Taupō and the plethora of boutique stores we have here.


3. Cycling around the Taupō lake front along the Lions Walk. The lions walk is a wide smooth footpath that hugs the edge of lake Taupō. Plenty of space for walkers and cyclists. I love to start from the Lake Front by the coffee cart and cycle left which brings me past hot water beach where you'll see steam rising from the waters edge particularly during an early morning bike ride.There are pretty special hot pools in Taupō but this spot is so convenient for a quick dip or a luxurious soak. Keep following this route and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the maunga, the lake, herons, ducks, black swans and the hot, hot geothermal steam rising from Onekeneke stream. You can enjoy a short or a long cycle, you decide as the route goes on and on. There are spots to stop off for a coffee, a bite to eat or a cold drink. Sitting directly by the lakes edge, enjoying the peace and scenery. It really is a special place.

Naturally enough this list is pretty endless. And it also changes with the seasons. It's the height of Summer as I write this so that has certainly informed my thoughts today. I'd be interested to hear what Taupō activities would make your top three list.

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View from the Lake Front

Fun in the water in Lake Taupō

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