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What to do in Taupō? Water Water Everywhere

Come to Taupō for an easy, fun holiday where we have everything sussed for you to use your energy for making memories, relax and have fun. Book your accommodation with us at Taupō's Treat, we'd love to have you stay and share any other local tips.

It feels like a million years since I have been writing for the Taupō's Treat website that there have been some really cool additions to our Taupō offerings for locals and tourists. I'm talking about ON Lake Taupō. The most recent has been the banana boats which seem to be run by the clever Doughboats whānau. There are pedal boats over by Wharewaka way and I'm loving the ease of being able to hire out kayaks and paddle boards on the Lake Front. Anything for an easy life as my father would say and I'm all for it. So lets have a look at each of these water activity additions.

Banana Boats

Do you know what I mean when I say banana boats? If not, you won't be surprised by my explanation. An inflatable 'boat' in the shape of a banana. You sit on the back of the banana, in a row, holding on for dear life whilst a jet ski tows you and your friends around the lake at speed whilst you laugh hysterically. What's not to like? In the olden days I remember being regularly flung off into the water but that hasn't been my observation with the Taupō Banana boats so all the enjoyment with less fear of loss of limb etc.


I'm a sucker for pink. I'm a sucker for doughnuts. So what am I to do when bright pink doughnut shaped boats turn up in Taupō. Safe to say, I'm in love! The idea is that up to 6 people sit in these doughboats that have a table in the middle, music system, lights and roof and you self steer yourself around the lake. Bring some food and drinks and this makes for a romantic evening or an awesome party. They look absolutely gorgeous bobbing about the water along Lake Taupō and so freaking unique. As I said, I'm in love.

Pedal Boats

Sustainable, waewae powered boats. No petrol fumes, no noise, just the sound of you and the water. I love how the Wharewaka part of Lake Taupō is being serviced by these pedal boats. Two/ Three/Four mile bay, each of these bays are beautiful spots with lots of options but now that the pedal boats are out this way its opened up a lot of fun. I love how they've added paddle boards to their offerings too. We're pretty spoilt in Taupō that we have clever, hardworking whānau providing these awesome activities that make our lives easier and way more fun.

Kayaks & Paddle boards

I love, love, love being able to just turn up to the lake front with the kids. Park by the coffee cart and the icecream/hotdog cart and just bring a blanket and a bucket and spade. A 30 second walk along the sand and I can hire a paddle board or kayak with lifejackets for the kids and myself and that is us set for a day of playing in the water, the sand and plenty of kai at the carts. Easy peasy, zero hassle. Thank you to the entrepreneurial spirit for making the lives of all us locals and visitors so much easier and more enjoyable.

Banana Boat madness on Lake Taupō

Lake Taupō Doughboats

Lake Taupō Pedal Boats

Lake Taupō Paddle Board fun

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